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Marine Engine's - Corrosion - Salt and Brackish water use - Indmar.

Caring for your Supra or Mobius boat in  Brackish or Salt Water!

Supra and Mobius Boat engines, as well as automotive engines are, cooled by circulating water thru the engine block. Indmar engines are unique in that there are three different types of cooling options. The standard raw water system, the fresh water (commonly known as the closed) cooling system and the Salt Water Series.

Raw water cooling systems draw water from outside the boat (seawater or river/lake water). Water is pumped from the source to the engine block then the engine circulation pump forces the raw water thru the engine block and the water is expelled thru the exhaust. Raw water cooling systems are relatively simple and the standard cooling system on most Marine Engines. On Supra and Mobius boats engines the raw water pump is located inside the boat and is driven by a v-belt or directly off of the crankshaft.

There are hidden dangers that can accumulate over time causing you to spend big Dollars on repairs if running in Salt or Brackish water. Salt water can be highly corrosive. Running salt water through your engine block and exhaust manifolds without the appropriate care will lead to destructive corrosion that is unseen until your engine or exhaust manifolds fail.

In Supra and Mobius Boats, you can experience Engine Fault or Service Engine Fault codes on your dash display as a result of corrosion on sensors and engine components effected by salt water.

Ride Australia and Supra Boats insist you flush your engine with fresh water after each and every use for 15mins in any brackish or Salt Water applications. Ride Australia and Supra Boats will not take responsibility for salt water damage / corrosion in and around your engine. Corrosion or salt water damage is not under any circumstance covered under warranty.

Generally speaking, marine engines cooled with raw water, especially ones that use salt water, have a shorter life span than marine engines cooled with a closed cooling system.

If you use your boat in Salt or Brackish Water Ride Australia and Supra boats recommend a fresh water cooled engine or the salt water series engine. Salt Water series and fresh water series engines still require flushing.

Always refer to your owners manual for any questions or concerns you have with your Supra or Mobius Boat. If you still require assistance don't hesitate to contact a customer service expert by email or by Ph: 02 44  22 7744