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History of Supra Boats:

Superior performance. Reliable daily operaton. Season-after-season of enjoyment. Those are the hallmarks of Supra tournament watersport boats. Now more than ever Supra engineering delivers uncompromised performance, uncompromised luxury, and uncompromised reliability. So when you hit the water, you can ride in confidence, comfort and style, free from everyday worries, free to fly high.

In 2011 Supra owners will benefit from an industry leading Indmar 3 year Warranty plan. Our Indmar engine and drive train systems now are warranted for 3years of repair, parts and labor. Most component parts on the boat are warranted for 3 years. And of course, Supra's hulls continue to have a limited lifetime warranty.

The Supra product line introduced NanoTechnology to all vinyl surfaces in 2008, improving the lifetime beauty of our interiors. Supra also added a 6.0L engine to our all-Indmar all-multi-port fuel injected powerplant series. The 6.0L engine produces 409HP, a real plus when putting heavily weighted boats in thin air conditions through their paces.

In 2008 Supra's got a host of quality improvements like a new ignition switch, new wiring harnesses, new tower feet, improved swivel board racks, stronger hinges and shocks, and countless other small improvements that add up to a better quality boat.

Bottom line, at Supra, we build boats for riders who choose to challenge their personal best with each successive run. Simply, we live for the wake.

Supra's first hull, and every hull we have produced since, used a Deep Drop V Keel to enhance both straight line tracking and passenger comfort. We were the first ski-boat to offer an open bow design dramatically expanding seating capacity. We were the first to use a hydraulic wake plate to adjust wake characteristics for different water conditions and different sport requirements. And we were amongst the first to develop a hull specifically designed to help our riders fly higher and longer as wakeboarding interest grew.

At Supra we have pioneered innovation in seating designs to allow more people to comfortably watch the action behind our boats. We created double-up and triple-up playpen and stadium seating packages to enhance the experience for passengers and riders alike. We built storage into areas of our boats that were simply dead-space in competitive products. And while it has now become an industry standard, we were the first to integrate high-end stainless steel accent items throughout our cabins.

Bottom line: we were the first performance boat manufacturer to recognize that a great tow boat had to have both a great living room and a great playing field. Today we continue to lead by focusing our product design on two simple concepts:

Will the design enhance the ride-ability of our product?
Will the design enhance the live-ability of our product?

You know, there is equally impressive set of lasts that we pride ourselves on here at Skier's Choice, Supra's privately-held parent company. We have been the last of the major tournament boat manufacturers to retain value as part of our ownership experience. We are the last company to pass on increased material costs to our consumers. And we promise you that we will be the last tournament boat company to attempt to build boats on trendy design whims or add cost to a boat simply because we can.

Riders building boats for riders. That's how we have been able so many of our boat owner's leave their own wake wherever they go.

Skier's Choice: Supra Parent Company

Skier's Choice is located in Maryville, TN. The company manufactures two lines of inboard boats: Supra and Moomba (the leading tow boat in the value segment of the waterski/wakeboarding market). Skier's Choice, which sells to dealers both in the United States and overseas, is the fastest growing manufacturer in the inboard segment of the marine industry. In 2005, we climbed to #3 in total unit sales, and are now nipping at the heels of our next largest competitor. The company currently has 375 employees, most of whom come from Blount, Loudon, and Monroe counties in east Tennessee.

The Supra brand dates back to 1981 when George Fowler stared the company in Greenback, TN. Mr. Fowler recognized a need for a larger, family ski boat to fit the luxury market.

Innovations and Awards

1981- Introduction of the Supra Sport, the first Supra boat. Development of the adjustable wake plate. Introduction of a rear ski locker.

1982- The new Supra Beast model is the first boat to have a big block engine. Supra Allegro was also introduced. First cuddy cabin inboard ski boat.

1983- Introduction of the Supra Rider. First open bow inboard in the industry, features a playpen bow design.

1984- Introduction of the Comp team model. Development of the Supra Trac hull design. Supra boats feature Kevlar in hull design.

1985- The Supra Comp awarded Ski Boat of the Year by Powerboat magazine. Introduction of the Supra Sunsport.

1986- Comp team pulls the World Cup.

1987-1989 Supra boats tow the World Waterski Championships.

1987-1988 Comp team wins Ski Boat of the Year.

1989- Moomba brand developed by Supra Sports, Inc.

1989- Mariah is the first open bow model to win Ski Boat of the Year.

1990- Sunsport wins Ski Boat of the Year.

1992- Developed all-fiberglass construction in several models. Introduced a limited lifetime warranty on all models.

1994- First year for fuel injected engines.

1997- Introduction of the all new Moomba Outback

1998- Introduction of the newly redesigned Supra Comp; introduction of the tower for wakeboarding

1999- Introduction of the Supra Launch, the first boat designed specifically for wakeboarding. The first Supra featuring a V-drive, the Santera, is introduced.

2000- Supra and Moomba are selected as Official Towboats of the America's Cup.

2001- Introduction of five new models including the Supra Launch SSV and Supra Sunsport V, both featuring stadium seating. Introduction of double up seating.

2002- Introduction of the walk-through transom in the Supra Santera. Supra and Moomba are selected as Official Towboats of the 2002 Gravity Games competition.

2003- Supra and Moomba are selected as Offical Towboats of the 2003 Gravity Games competition. Skier's Choice moves to new 142,000 square foot facility located in Maryville, Tennessee.

2004- Supra continues its sponsorship of the Gravity Games competition held in Cleveland, Ohio, beginning September 15th.

2006- Supra celebrates its 25th year of building tournament tow boats.

2007- Supra and Indmar introduce the first catalyzed engine in the tournament boat segment, the 5.7L 340HP MPI ETX-CAT. This first-of-its-kind marine engine significantly reduces harmful emissions without a loss of power.

2007- Supra introduces SmartPlate. Integrated with Perfect Pass, SmartPlate optimizes hole shot and then self-adjusts to a stored rider profile, custom-tailoring both speed and wake shape to a rider's preference.

2008- For the second consecutive year, Supra is the exclusive tow boat for the WWA's World Wakeboard and Wakeskate Championships. This preeminent amatuer and professional tournament event also marked the first live simulcast of a Wakeboarding event in streaming video format through Fuel television.

2008- Supra and Indmar engines partnered to introduce the first catalyzed 6.0L engine within the tournament boat market segment.

2008- Supra reinvents and reintroduces a wholly redesigned Launch 21V, the first major re-do of the boat that was the first to be designed specifically to meet the needs of wakeboarding and wakeboarders in 1999.

2009- Introduced the New Vision system

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